These are our top party games for you and your family to enjoy, whatever age.

Party Game


Get some Post-It notes, or bits of paper: one per guest. On the paper write an unusual phrase and place the piece of paper under your dinner guests’ plates.

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The Brilliant Newspaper Quiz

Each team gets a copy of the same newspaper. You call out quiz questions: what’s the headline on a page, which celeb features in the gossip column, what was the score a X sporting event. Different points for each question. First team to shout our gets the points. A prize for the team with most points.

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Spoon Game

Kneel on the ground. Make a pattern using the spoons on the carpet so that all your guests can see what you’re doing. The spoons can form any pattern…

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What’s in the Bag

GET SET Fill the bags with the small items, one per bag. Use an alphabet sticker if you can get them, to provide a clue to what’s inside. Sit your guests in a circle. Give everyone a paper and pen. PARTY! Start passing all the bags around the circle. E …

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Couch Game

GET SET You need equal numbers of guys and girls, and form a team of each. You can ask girls to join the guys team if required and vica versa. Write all your guests names onto pieces of paper and randomly give one piece to each guest. You become whoeve …

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Secret Santa

Everyone buys a secret present that must cost less than £5 or $5. The gift should be suitable for anyone at the party. Wrap up your gift. The host gathers all the gifts before the party and puts them in a Christmas Santa stocking or a big bag or decorated box.

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Snaps v2

Only the sender and receiver know how this works. The audience suggest a phrase secretly to the sender. He uses a special code to send the phrase to the receiver. Almost impossible to guess how the receiver works it out!

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GET SET You divide the group into two or more teams of about 6 people each. It is more fun if you have guy, girl, guy, girl. Give one apple or orange to the leader of each team. PARTY! On the word “go” the leader must stick the orange under his chin an …

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Close Contact Music Game

GET SET Everyone pairs up with space to dance a bit. Each couple has a sheet of newspaper: the bigger the better. PARTY! Play your favourite songs, and stop the music randomly. When the music stops you must stand together on the paper. Each time the mu …

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